About us

MEBIC (Medical and Experimental BioImaging Center)

On February 10, 2015, the MEBIC Interuniversity Consortium (Medical and Experimental BioImaging Center) was established in Rome, promoted by the “San Raffaele Telematic University of Rome” and the “Tor Vergata University of Rome Faculty of Medicine and Surgery”. Consortium purpose is to promote and coordinate the participation of its Members in scientific activities in the field of molecular and cellular rehabilitation for the recovery of lost functions and their conservation; particularly cerebral, musculoskeletal, cardiac, respiratory, renal, hepatic and sensory functions, in accordance with the guidelines of several national and international Health Organizations and Research Agencies. Another aim was to create an advanced morphological and functional Bioimaging Center in the Lazio Region and Southern Italy area, with a complex technological platform together with a nursery for small animals and disease models, at the service of Biomedical research.
For the growth of the Consortium, the idea is to involve as new members other Universities and Institutions interested in cutting-edge preclinical and translational research as well as education of students and new professionals to carry out concrete interventions aimed at Rehabilitation in the different areas of medicine.
Since MEBIC birth, the “Rome Foundation” has concretely joined the activity of the Consortium, both with substantial funding and incentives for scientific and social-health activities. In 2018 Rome Foundation’s commitment became institutional, through its entry as a full member into the Consortium and with the appointment of Prof. Emanuele Emmanuele as MEBIC Scientific Committee President.