Mission and Vision


Main statutory MEBIC activity goals include research mainly aimed to translational applications for personalized and precision medicine, with recovering lost functions purpose (for pathological processes or for aging), through new rehabilitative strategies based on cellular and molecular approaches.
In particular, the MEBIC currently pursues four specific objectives in its mission:
a) preclinical research aimed at identifying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of the beneficial effects in rehabilitation, both traditional and most recently used, and thus the identification of new strategies to enhance and optimize these mechanisms.
b) translational research, which can be applied quickly to the patient and meets specific needs of the NHS. This also involves personalizing and making specific interventions on individual patients (personalized and precision medicine).
c) highly specialized education for the complex techniques of imaging, morphology and molecular as well as cellular medicine. Accordingly with two founding MEBIC Consortium Universities the training activity is carried out through 1) Technical-practical training courses for young laboratory technicians; 2) First and Second level Master’s Degrees related to bioimaging techniques, advanced morphology, complex pathways studies, both addressed to doctors and researchers; c) Advanced training